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How do I become a Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services Employee?  

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Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services excels at finding, building, and employing people with varying skill sets, from different backgrounds and vast experiences who readily accept the challenge of contributing to our team effort. We strive to provide the best customer service and professional responses to our community every day. 

In order for us to deliver the best service, our firefighters, paramedics, and nurse practitioners are trained and required to be Georgia-licensed Emergency Medical personnel.  For those who are not already licensed, our EMS Academy will provide EMT, AEMT, and paramedic courses here.

We recognize the strength that diversity brings to an organization and strive to add more voices and perspectives for better solutions that resonate with the community and drive our mission forward. We encourage different ways of thinking and foster an inclusive environment for our diverse workforce. 

Before applying below, please review ALL 4 steps and the video descriptions included with each offered position.

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Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services offers applications for the following positions: 

Firefighter Recruit - No experience required. (CLICK HERE)   

Firefighter/EMT or Advanced EMT- Must possess EMS licensure prior to completing form. (CLICK HERE)

Firefighter/Paramedic - Must possess EMS licensure and FFI certification to apply. (CLICK HERE)

Paramedic Only - Must possess paramedic licensure for the state of Georgia. (CLICK HERE)


Nurse Practitioner- Must possess licensure in the state of Georgia. (CLICK HERE)

NOTE: It is not required for you to be a certified firefighter or EMT prior to applying for the Firefighter/recruit. Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services will train you from the ground up if you are selected as a probationary employee. Due to the competitive nature of this job, some qualified applicants may not be chosen for the current class; however, all applicants' applications will be held for one year after the initial submittal. Do not give up if this is your dream occupation. Many employees have been hired after multiple attempts. 

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Once the application process is OPEN and you complete the correct one based on your current certification(s), the next step is to begin the NEW HIRE ORIENTATION process. This process consists of three steps:


1) CLICK on the video link and review what Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services has to offer. LINK

2) Review ALL requirements and disqualifiers. (DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THE PROCESS IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY) To view our list of disqualifiers, Click here.

3) Respond to the email invitation to attend an orientation and physical fitness evaluation.

NOTE: You are required to complete the orientation BEFORE you are authorized to continue through the process. If you miss your assigned orientation date, you will automatically be removed from the process, unless other arrangements have been made with the OPS staff.  

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If you are interested in contributing to the success of CCFES and possess the minimum qualifications, complete the online FAST TRACK Firefighter/EMT, paramedic only or Nurse Practitioner Position Interest Form below.



NOTE: Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services does not take part in lateral transfer hiring. All candidates are required to apply at the qualification level they qualified for based on the job description. Recruit School is offered to all hired public safety employees. 

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HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT,. . . these are the words that guide our actions at Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services.  During recruit training, you will not only recite them but you will be expected to live by them.  CCFES provides a comprehensive & fast-paced 14-week Recruit Training School.  Our Training Staff uses the National Professional Qualifications guidelines and most current training materials to design the demanding coursework that will prepare you for a career in the fire service.  Topics covered during recruit school include written and practical applications.

You will be introduced to all areas of the fire service such as:

  • Fire Behavior & Control
  • Water Supply & Hose Advancement
  • Survival skills in a hazardous atmosphere
  • Building Construction
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Extrication
  • Ropes




Incentive Agreement

Certified Firefighter /  Paramedic Recruitment Incentive Agreement. This incentive agreement is only offered to new hires who hold active certifications prior to employment with CCFES.  Below is the eligibility criteria for each hiring category:


Firefighter Paramedic  (must meet one of the criteria)

1. Active Georgia-certified Firefighter I (minimum) and active Georgia or National Registry Paramedic

2. Active Georgia or National Registry Paramedic who will go straight into a recruit class. 

Firefighter EMT  (must meet one of the criteria)

1. Active Georgia-certified Firefighter I (minimum) and active Georgia or National Registry EMT (“E” number) or AEMT (“A” number).

2. Active Georgia or National Registry AEMT (“A” number) who will go straight into a recruit class.


Active Georgia or National Registry Paramedic

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After attending the orientation meeting, you will:

1) Complete the physical agility test (Combat Challenge) on the same day. (CLICK LINK BELOW)  


2) Complete and submit the background packet by the set due date.

3) Set date for 1st interview: Group Panel interview.


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For those who are continuing through the process, you will be contacted to attend an in-person interview with command staff. It is important for you to research the department and be familiar with its function within the community of Clayton County. During this step, you will be required to complete the following:

1) Turn in all required paperwork by the set date.

2) Complete the first Interview with a group panel

If you are chosen to continue through the process, you will be contacted by the Office of Professional Standards to schedule a second interview. Typically this interview is within 1 week from the date of your first interview and all viable candidate information will be turned over to the Fire Chief. Make sure your email and phone number are in working order to allow us to contact you directly. 

NOTE: Applicants must pass a comprehensive background investigation including criminal, controlled substance, credit, driving, employment history checks, an oral interview, medical exam including drug screen, polygraph, psychological and physical agility testing.

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Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services is an all-hazards department that responds not only to Fire & EMS calls but emergencies such as hazardous materials, technical rescue, and natural disasters. CCFES provides these various types of emergency coverage to all unincorporated Clayton County, as well as the cities of Jonesboro, Riverdale, Lovejoy, and College Park. The Department’s service area encompasses approximately 144 square miles and serves a population of over 280,000 residents and is operated under the direction of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners.

CCFES maintains fourteen fire stations, an administrative office building, and other supporting facilities all strategically located throughout the jurisdiction. It staffs seventeen companies, including structure and wildland engines, ladder trucks, ALS ambulances, Community Treatment Units (CTU), and specialized Hazardous Materials, Rescue, Communications, and other support units.

 As a valued member of our team, you will perform emergency medical treatment, life rescue and fire suppression, and safety education to the public. Personnel are assigned to work on rotating 24-hour shifts: 24 hours on/48 hours off, including weekends and holidays.

core values

Core Valueshonor guard pose

  • HONOR…to serve with respect in a safe and professional manner.
  • COURAGE…to overcome adversity through training, instinct, and compassion for others.
  • COMMITMENT…to provide excellence in every endeavor.

mission statement

Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services is committed to providing our community with a safe place to live, work and play through cutting-edge emergency response and education delivered with compassion and professionalism.

For a more detailed history of Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services CLICK HERE

If we are not currently hiring for Firefighter/Recruit, follow us at the following social media sites to get updates on hiring. signature_658985580   signature_1855776806

Benefits Offered Include.....

  • Retirement Package-including a pension
  • On-Site Wellness Visits
  • Health Insurance
  • Free Cancer Testing
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Education Incentive

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