The Online Academy provides a means for CCFES employees and retirees to retain their current certifications and licensure through continuing education testing and re-certification check-offs. This section contains the most current re-certification materials. If you have any questions regarding this section, contact the Training Division.

In todays fire service, the amount of fires that we fight have decreased in part, due to fire prevention strategies and fire stop/retardant systems and materials in use. One of the ways we can still obtain experience, is to perform case studies. This allows us the ability to exam the action of other members of the fire service when responding to calls. To look at all angles of a situation and to talk thru the different and best course of actions to take. These exercises should give everyone a pool of knowledge to draw from if they find themselves in similar situations within their career. 

This section of the online academy allow members of the department - after sitting together as a crew - to respond (as a group) to a given case study. Please keep all comments clean and respectful. Anyone who's name appears on a roster associated with a post from the officer conducting the review will receive 1 hour of company hour continuing education.